Creating and Adding SSH Keys from Git to Github

I’ve done the “creating and adding SSH keys from Git to Github” process possibly 5 times now in the past 3 -4 years. Each time I had to just follow along blindly with the Github guide and cross my fingers and pray I got all of the black magic incantations correct and didn’t accidentally unleash the hordes of hell upon the world by my copy/pasting.

So recently I got a new laptop and the day I bought it I remember being happy I had a nice new laptop with a touch screen and Windows 8, which I really like! I’m not an idiot who can’t adjust to a new menu. “Oh Noes! A menu that covers the entire screen instead of just a quarter. How will ever manage??”. Come on people!

Laravel Installer on Windows: Setting your Environment PATH Variable

Seriously? Can people please stop ignoring the fact that Windows users also use Frameworks and APIs and whatever else’s when you’re writing your documentation!

You wouldn’t build a website that only works on Mac would you?! So stop acting like people don’t use Windows to do their job also!

Apache shut down unexpectedly due to a blocked port – Solution

You start Apache ( XAMPP, WAMP, MAMP, AMPPPS or something ) and mysql starts just fine but Apache gives red errors along the lines of:

If you are using the latest Skype: