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Moving to Postleaf

I've been using WordPress for about 5 years. It's been my go to CMS for too long. All of last year I wanted to move away from using WordPress and start using a more modern CMS for my personal site. WordPress has horrible code, poor release integrity, and all too frequent security issues. When the 4.7.2 release caused my website to be immediately compromised I know it was time to look for more options. So I looked at Drupal8, Concrete5 and more recently Grav and BoltCMS as possible alternatives. Each had varying strengths and weaknesses.

Drupal8 was rebuilt to use most of the agreed upon PHP best practices such as PSRs, Composer, Twig templates and YAML config files. This is great but the admin area is still horrible and too much needs to be done in .yml files. Every modules, theme and Drupal itself has at least one .yml file which needs to be modified to work. For me this was too much of a learning curve to commit to at the time. I know an easier solution must be out there.